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Secockpit is now is now launched and we can see the pricing structure. As we expected this is on a continuity basis i.e. you make a monthly payment. At the moment this is discounted to $77 per month from the regular price which will be $97 per month.

As well and is getting all the keyword research software the payment includes access to SEO moz information (via the software) which is what the software uses. There is also a discounted price for paying for six months in advance which is $297. Is the software worth this subscription I hear you ask!

This is as opposed to using the established market leader Market Samurai. Market Samurai is a fixed price of $147 for unlimited use and lifetime support, and training. The advantage of Secockpit is that it is cloud based and therefore quicker than Market Samurai. From the demonstration, that certainly appears to be the case, and if you want to look at the SEO competition for any particular keyword, Secockpit provides the information instantaneously where Market Samurai would take a minute or two depending on your Internet connection speed. The information that comes back from SEcockpit seems to be very comprehensive but not dissimilar to that provided by Market Samurai. There use different sources for the various elements and at this point cannot comment on the accuracy. (both are just a good guess I would suggest) Market Samurai as well as being considerably cheaper also has some additional useful features such as assistance in writing articles (including finding information for your articles) what products are available that fit with your keyword etc The question then remains for anyone new is should they go with Market Samurai or Secockpit, and indeed for anyone already with a copy of Market Samurai whether they should also go for Secockpit by Shane Melaugh. The answer would appear to be, it depends how often you do keyword research. I personally do keyword research 2 or 3 times a week for various niche markets and I suspect that is more than the vast majority of Internet Marketers who are starting out. For the saving in time that I would achieve I don’t consider that it is worth the monthly fee. If however I was working full-time in keyword research perhaps for a third party or supplying services as a contractor then Secockpit would be a worth while investment. I have not have the opportunity to investigate the software fully yet but shall update as soon as I can. In the meantime if Secockpit is of interest to you, and it does appear to be a great product, then if you click on the link below you can sign up try the software and Shane offers a 30 day unconditional guarantee, so if after implementation you are not happy with this keyword research software then you could just ask for your money back and cease your monthly payments. I hope you find this informative. Keyword research is without doubt the foundation for a successful Internet Marketing business and one but most newcomers do not understand and spend insufficient time investigating. Anyone new to Internet marketing or uncertain about keyword research would do well to watch the launch videos for Secockpit as Shane has done some great tuition of the basics. As I have said above I will be sticking with Market Samurai which is forever evolving, advancing and improving but I am thankful for Shane for this product as a worthy competitor to Market Samurai will be good for the market and I’m sure that both products will improve accordingly, and the market is certainly big enough to have two key players.

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