Time to think about Backups

We use Backup Creator on our sites as I am paranoid about loosing all our work. It needs to be automatic or it won’t get done so this plugin works for us. We originally brought it for cloning sites, which makes life allot easier if you are changing hosting, buying/selling or want to create our own template which themes, plugins, settings etc.

They are running a promotion at the moment so with that and Dawn’s issue, I thought it was worth sending out.


“Look at what Warren Hayford had to say about using Backup Creator on his

“I installed Backup Creator on my site several weeks ago. Yesterday the
company whose theme I use sent me an upgrade. I upgraded and to my surprise,
all of my formatting was lost. Graphics, colors, column settings,
everything. It took me the better part of two weeks to create all of this.
Luckily, I used Backup Creator before I installed the upgrade. I followed
the directions and in less than 5 minutes my site was recovered and back on
line! Backup Creator is a life saver.”

Grab your copy of Backup Creator now in order to:

– backup your site in case something happens to it
– clone your site so you save time tweaking new sites in the future
– backup your site automatically
– get paid on a recurring basis to run auto backups on other sites (for

Here is the link to get it:

Backup Creator

And I look forward to seeing which sites you backup and clone.”

End of quote

I know it says $7 on the sales page, but I think that is limited to 1 site. Real license is $47. When I was looking the nearest competitor was $97 so looks like a good buy.

Best do something before it is too late.

Only works on WordPress sites.





Backup Creator





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