Review of SECOCKPIT by Shane Melaugh

Hi, you may have seen recently seen the pre launch videos by Shane Melaugh promoting his new product SECOCKPIT and wondered what it is all about.

Well let me start with who is Shane Melaugh. He is a Internet Marketer from Switzerland. He is very well respected within the Internet Marketing community for high quality products and very useful videos. This pre launch is no different and the promotional videos are very good and explain the basics of SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) and are well worth watching if you require some training in this area. In particular his detailed explanation and examples of the differences between, Broad, Phase and Exact match is keyword research excellent.

I have had the opportunity to view the video by Shane for the promoters of his new launch, which gives me an overview of the product itself. The product looks very good and with a graphical interface will be of interest to a lot of potential users. The product is basically a competitor to Market Samurai in completing your keyword research for marketing purposes.

At present Market Samurai is by far the market leader and with a one off relatively low payment of $149.00 it represents fantastic value. I do not yet know what the price of SE Cockpit will be and whether it will be a monthly payment (IE a continuity program).

What are differences between market Samurai and SECOCKPIT? The first noticeable difference is that SECOCKPIT is cloud-based and Shane therefore advises that it is much faster, indeed I think he’s is claiming 40 times faster than Market Samurai, which is desktop-based, ie you download software onto your own computer.

This speed claim depends upon what element of the keyword research are trying to do. With SECOCKPIT you can click on any of the keywords (up to 800) that it returns and it will instantly give you the top 10 competing sites immediately. To do this in Market Samurai you click each of the keywords you are interested in and then click on the SEO competition tab, and it can take a minute or 2 to return results depending on Internet speed.

The other main difference is that SE Cockpit is more a graphical interface than Market Samurai. Obviously this is a matter of personal choice. Market Samurai appears to return more information relating to each keyword in its initial search.

Which is better? Well I have reserve judgement until I have seen pricing. I personally use Market Samurai which, I have always said is fantastic, and the boys at Noble Samurai are forever improving and upgrading the software. As a paid-up user of Market Samurai I could not really see any reason to buy another product as it’s possible advantages seem marginal.

Market Samurai includes great training videos on the product (and internet Marketing in General, Anthony who produces them has a PhD in education and it shows) and is now well and truly tried and tested. Shane appears to include a comprehensive list of training video’s within his product which could well match quality of Market Samurai’s videos because as I said in the opening paragraph does produce some good training videos.

So it could or down to price and whether you already own a copy of Market Samurai. I will let you know after the launch and pricing is known, but taking on Market Samurai is a brave move or perhaps the going market is big enough for both. Competition is always good and I expect Noble Samurai will quickly address and area’s that they are criticised on and add extra features to remain the Market Leader. The competition will be great for us end users!

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