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Review of  Pre Launch SEO Cockpit by Shane Melaugh

I have today reviewed the pre launch site by Shane Melaugh the Internet Marketer from Switzerland. For those people who are not familiar with Shane’s work he is a straight talking guy and whilst, by his own admission, he is putting out the information as part of the launch for his new product, he also gives away lots of straight talking good sound advice.

The first video is now on the site which is 12min long and is full of basic principles about SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) and whilst it is basic information it all sound stuff that we should all know and practice.

On the site,( in exchange for your e-mail address), Sean is giving away a 18 page PDF called “Rich Content Optimisation”. This is again very sound, if basic, principles of some on-site optimisation . It is aimed at people using WordPress and indeed Shane is promoting the use of WordPress as a basis for setting up your optimised website. There are some links to essential plug-ins to optimise the site both in a) Google’s eyes and b) there are tips on optimising the site for human eyes.

Keyword Research Evolved

The upcoming videos promise to cover (at the time of writing these are not yet available)

  • keyword research
  • get top ranking
  • SEO skill set
  • Panda

I would recommend anyone new to Internet Marketing, or anyone confused about the basics (the foundations for setting up an optimised website) to take a look at the video currently on the website at Swissmademarketing or you can find a link at the end of this review, and download the free PDF to get a basic and sound understanding of how you should go about optimising your website for Google bots, so that your site is found (therefore you get “free” traffic) and then also for human eyes so that your site forms whatever objective you have put it up there for, be that sales leads, sales, marketing list etc

I will comment further when the rest of the videos have been published, but if they are anything like Shane’s previous promotions and videos then they will be well worth watching for the free tuition.

As ever, when Shane completes his launch and we find out exactly what the product is and the price, then you will need to decide whether or not it is for you. I will do a review as soon as I get the release.


Keyword Research Evolved

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