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Almost every day I receive e-mails offering the latest new way to make money on the Internet. I note that there is a recent trend towards using Word press blogs and monetising them as a way of making your next million!
As you will have no doubt have bought several packages and e-book’s already you will know that most of them do not live up to the sales pitch and that they are all a variation on the same theme just rewritten and repackaged, and that the cost of these can vary tremendously.
Making money with WordPress blogs is appealing as the initial costs, i.e. your financial investment, can be very small and that you are largely risking your time rather than any money. Courses on making money from blogging tend to be at the cheaper end of the market and this particular e-book is similarly low-priced that $37.
This e-book produced by Rob Benwell is 67 pages long and goes about making money out of blogging in a different way to that I have seen taught previously with the setting up of short term blogs and long-term blogs in each niche. There is a lot of work involved in applying the system to its full extent and it is not going to make anybody rich overnight, however I can see the logic that his method builds a firm foundation for making a solid business that will generate an income. I am going to try applying his system as it seems to be a logical way of building a genuine business that it can give you an income and one that you can be proud to be associated with. But as I said it is now make money quick scheme it requires hard work.
Is this money making guide suitable for beginners/Newbies? The answer to that is a resounding yes. Rob starts off going through in sufficient detail how to setup your WordPress blog how to pick a domain and a web host how to select your keyword phrase etc. Whilst this might not be the most comprehensive Newbie guide, it is certainly detailed enough with loads of links to resources and everything that you need to get going.
Is this e-book suitable for experienced bloggers? Well they have done a fair bit of blogging and have certainly studied Internet marketing in general in a fair amount of detail and if for nothing else than some of the resources and links that amazingly I have not come across before than the cause would be well worth the price. The only negative point I would make is that since signing up I get inundated with sales e-mails from Rob with affiliate offers, which is a little disappointing (take note if you are reading this Rob)
Of course when you sign up for Blogging to the Bank 2010 Edition you would be disappointed if there was not a one-time offer! And you will be what Rob Benwell offers is a monthly video course for $29 (I think I need to check that) that goes into great detail the subjects covered in the e-book. I will prepare and publish a separate review of these videos which are called The Six Figure Blogging Club.

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