Windows Movie Maker Verses Aminoto

We are all told these days that the future for Internet Marketeers is the use of video, with YouTube in particular becoming more and more important. Apparently a vast number of people use Youtube when searching for general items such as “dog training in San Francisco”, where in the past they would have used a normal search in Google. In addition to this Google is also serving up video results quite high on the first page of their search results.
The figures being quoted vary but it is safe to assume that the volume of searches within YouTube and general video results being served by Google is now a significant portion and set to increase rapidly as the availability of high speed internet increases .
If you are setting out in Internet Marketing and you are looking for a free movie maker because you are on a tight budget or if you just want to download a free moviemaker for your own videos then where do you go?
I receive loads of e-mails from established Internet Marketeers singing the praises of Aminoto and the are free version. This free version is limited to 2 minutes which is not very long at all. I personally have found Aminoto difficult to use even though the instructional videos that are available on the site are quite good. I appreciate that Internet Marketeers will be keen to promote this free movie maker for windows as they can include a affiliate link (for the paid upgrade) and some people will no doubt take the paid version, either at time of sign up or in the future.
As I was not happy with the less than intuitive software and limitation of two minutes I looked around for something else. After quite some searching, what I found was Windows Live Movie Maker.
To my surprise and pleasure I’ve found that this free software provided by Microsoft which is windows based,  does everything that I wanted, including adding a soundtrack from a large variety of royalty free music that Microsoft provide and had no time limits on the length of video.
I also found it much more intuitive to use. I understand that people are not interested in promoting it as there is no way of making any money from it, and let’s be honest Microsoft is not everybody’s favourite software company. But credit where credit is due it is a great free product with no time limitations that will meet most people’s requirements for a free moviemaker and in line with all of Microsoft’s products and in particular their online software it is being constantly developed and improved.
I am surprised that Microsoft don’t promote it more and I only came across it by chance in a magazine, and when I could not remember the name I couldn’t find it doing a Google search for windows movie maker download, etc
So a conclusion is that anybody wanting a free moviemaker should at least try Windows movie maker first.

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