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Dropbox for sharing working documents.
Hi, not sure how many people are using dropbox at the moment or are familiar with what it can do, although I have noticed a few articles on ezine etc.
Basically Dropbox is a free online storage system or storage in “cloud” all about competing as some people refer to it. It works great as a free personal backup between with between 2 and 8 gigabytes of free storage (if you require more there is a paid upgrade). The reason the size of the free space varies, is that if you invite others to join up only use your link then you get an extra 250mb of storage space.
I started using it as a personal storage so I could access the files I was working on in the office when I was working at home (or indeed there is a iPhone at so you can access from the phone), but I have now gone beyond that and started using the sharing facilities. Basically you create a file for a project or company, then send invites to dropbox users who you want to have access to the files and when they accept you all have access to the same files to any members of the team can access files ,use save, them alter or update them and everyone has access to the latest edition. It works especially well for files that are too big to e-mail and where members of the team want the latest information. I used a similar system a couple of years ago when working for a large contractor and thought it was good then but that was a private server that they had set up and was beyond the reach of the rest of is mere mortals!
With dropbox this is now available to all. I am currently working on some insurance related projects and when I receive instructions, calculations, photographs, scope of works etc I can upload them into the relevant dropbox folder and near enough instantly all the members of the team (while all three of us) have access. You can of course have different folders for each project and assign access to different people as appropriate. When the project is completed you can then take out of your dropbox, if you need the space, and save on your hard drive.
Hope you find that useful. If you did and you would like to dropbox account it would be appreciated if you clicked here so that I can increase my space.

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