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Click Here to Buy or go to the Backlink Battleplan Site

Click Here to Buy or go to the Backlink Battleplan Site

On the face of it when you first go to Shane Melaugh website that is promoting his new product Backlink Battleplan it looks like there are four videos to watch. (For some reason the link takes you to video 4 but you can easily click on the right-hand side and go back to video 1 to watch first, recommended)

When you start watching the videos it soon becomes apparent that there is much more than 4 videos and indeed when you follow the links at the bottom of video 3 there is a whole host of further training videos all for free.

Video 1. Article links.

This video is around 10 minutes long and explains and gives you a link to the free software that you can use too submit your articles automatically to multiple valuable article directories at once (this of course excludes Ezine!) Shane then goes on to show you how to customise the software by downloading and installing a file that he provides and fully explains the value of back links and the importance of PR.

After watching the video and installing and customising the software (which is genuinely free) then I was wondering what was in it for Shane as this is a genuinely very useful and worthwhile watching the videos and they are of a high standard and full of relevant content.

Video 2. Web 2.0 Backlinks

Another very informative video that shows you a free way of getting some quality back links from Web 2.0 sites and Shane explains the importance of these. Again this is using all free tools that are available to anyone on the Internet and is genuinely very useful. I must explain at this point that this is not some spamy method but using genuine, and hopefully high-quality and useful content, that you have created and making the most out of it.

We are all aware that when we receive these type of free videos there is going to be a product launch at the end. But I must stress again that if you just watch these videos, take on board some or all of what Shane is teaching then you will have will have learned some high quality tips/techniques and you can watch the videos and download the resources without even putting in an email address (although one is needed for the software from Video 1)

Video 3. The Key.

Video 3 “reveals” the key behind successful Internet marketing or indeed any promotion on the web. I won’t reveal the key but you will not be surprised and as Shane goes on to explain it involves some hard work and that’s just the way it is. The video itself whilst explaining the importance of “the key” you do not gain as much from this video as you will do from videos one and two, although this is the first time that Shane intimates that he is building up to his product launch. However, when you click on the resources below there are two well written and very useful free e-book’s.

The first one is a detailed instruction book on how to use and optimise a WordPress blog. In the video Shane does it an injustice in that he says it is for people that are newbie’s, but in actual fact whilst it starts off with the very basics it continues through to all the options, plug-ins etc and as such is a very useful resource, one that I daresay you would be happy to pay $19 or more for.

The second e-book is a quick start guide to link building and again is very well written and explains the importance of the different elements so that you have a background understanding of back links and why you need to do it and even goes as far as some link wheel building . There are lots of useful links throughout the book (if you are reading on screen) to the various free resources available and indeed to further free training.

In addition there is then to short videos showing you how to use various free plug-ins etc and to explain further and help you with your back link strategy. Again these videos are of high quality and lots of genuinely useful information.

Unbelievably there is then a third link below this video. On this page are a further five groups of videos all giving detailed information on “the key” along with further e-book’s and a very useful process map. Again at this point to Shane has, I think stunned is not too strong a word, me with the amount of tuition and resources that is giving away as part of his launch (which he has not got too yet). Please do not be fooled into thinking that because these resources are free that they are of little value or quality (they can be watched online or downloaded), as this is simply not the case. The information and quality rivals that of the 30 day challenge (now just the challenge) in the quality of the videos and information delivered as part of the free training. I look forward to video 4 which I think is going to be the last video.

Video 4. Backlink Battleplan

As you might expect the last video is the sales pitch. Shane emphasises that this is a no hype sales pitch and it reasonably well lives up to that. Because I have so much on at the moment I had no intention of buying this product, but after listening to his sales pitch and seeing the price, and the inevitable “Early Bird” offer I was very tempted. I have resisted and not because I feel that this product is in any way not worth the special offer price or indeed the full price.


This review is purely of the free videos available on this site and so I cannot comment on the actual product being sold. These videos and resources are well worth watching and downloading, all are of high quality and contain valuable information and links to free resources. If this is your first foray into Internet marketing then I would suggest that this product would be a good buy, Shane in his sales pitch does highlight most of the competing  products fall down and emphasises that this is a step by step approach to Internet marketing, using the free tools that are available, some of which we have already been introduced to, and emphasises that this is no get rich quick scheme but a genuine way to start out and grow a profitable Internet business or a way to promote on the Internet non-profit-making organisations/activities.

I hope you find this review useful you can find more and some links on the website in the signature address.

The link below takes you to the site where you can watch and save the videos and resources and buy the Backlink Battleplan. When I tested the link and went to video 4 although you can just click on the right-hand side to get to video one, or you could just watch the video and go the whole hog and buy the product. If you act before 12 August then you will get the opening special offer that have to the price doubles although on the evidence of the free videos and resources and the sales pitch I would think it is well worth the money.

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