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CPA Resources

CPA Networks

The Big Boys

These are the top dogs. Only approach these after you have got some experience from the others unless you already have a particularly large list or relevant website with a very high number of daily unique visitors.

•        Copeac

  • Hydra

The middle of the road gang.

These are great ones to kick off with other they will be looking for some experience of Internet marketing in general from you if not specific CPA campaigns. At the end of the day you don’t want to be seen as a time waster and so be honest with them when you’re talking “face-to-face” because you may well need some assistance from them and if you have bragged your way in then you going to look a fool when you ask for basic help. At the end of the day they are looking to do the best for their clients i.e. the advertisers and so if you come across as a genuine sort of person who is determined to make a go of it and they are likely to give you a chance.


•        Clickbooth

•        CPAtrend

•        CPA Underground

•        Convert2Media

•        MarketLeverage

•        Maxbounty

•        Modern Click

•        NeverBlue

•        Qwik Media

For a full list of the CPA companies just go to offer vault and you will find that they are all on there, look for the offer/offers that you are interested in and then apply to that network. As I’ve highlighted previously you can’t go far wrong with CPAtrend

Other Affiliate Networks

if you are a bit of a coward and do not fancy going through the application progress where you may be “cross-examined” then the following affiliate networks are largely just fill out a form online your automatically in. You can then promote their affiliate offers which may not be CPA but after you got some experience you will then be more confident to apply to any of the ones in the above.

•        Commission Junction

•        Clickbank

•        Share-a-Sale

•        LinkShare

•        Trade Doubler



Rent a coder

Script Lance



If you already know how to edit and host your own website and need hosting then we can recommend Hostgator for hosting in the USA and D9 for both UK and USA hosting. We have used both the services and found them to be very good. Hostgator is a large company but if you have any difficulties they have a live chat support system that can quickly resolve your problems, D9 is a much smaller company and the support is quite often handled by the owners and again very good service and a little bit more personalised from D9.

Generally useful

If you need or would like information about SEO or just generally how to go about setting up websites, getting links, market research then we recommend The Challenge which is a free resource and the course is taught in a series of videos. Very professionally done and whilst it is only the start of your general Internet marketing education it will enable you to understand the process even if you are going to outsource the different steps.

If you like what you see in the challenge and are serious about Internet Marketing in one form or another as the way forward for you then there is no better resource than The Immediate Edge which is run by Dan Raine, Ed Dale and lots of other industry experts. There is all the resources you could possibly need although finding your way round can be a little daunting and it is not aimed at complete Newby’s people who have some basic experience. The membership is currently $99 per month although they keep threatening to increase this to $149 per month on whilst this sounds expensive there is a huge amount of content in there for serious Marketeers. Normally there is a free all one dollar trial available for seven or 14 days or somesuch so that you can see what you’re getting and see if it’s you. The Immediate Edge.

Another useful course is Russell Brunson’s 20 min payday whilst it is nothing like as comprehensive or as cutting edge as the above, you might consider the lower expenditure a good next step.


How to Increase the Number of Default rows in Google Analytics

Why does Google Analytics default to showing just 10 rows? Ok you can use the drop down box at the bottom to increase it to 100 but then each time you start again or go back to the summary page it shows just 10 again.

If you are in internet marketing then you need loads more than this especially while you are testing and tracking. I am no techie but thankfully I have found this little work around that does the trick and alters the default to 100 rows and it’s easy to install.

Install Greasemonkey add-on from Firefox at just click the “add to Firefox” button as shown on the screenshot below.

Screen Shot Grease Monkey Firefox Add-On

Screen Shot Grease Monkey Firefox Add-On

Firefox will then want to restart, click OK and let it restart. Then go to (you will see that userscripts are where GreaseMonkey sends you for the scripts. Don’t panic it is really easy, just click on the large green install button on the left as in the screen capture below. Now nothing will appear to happen, but don’t panic!

Screen shot of userscript fo Google Analytics increase default rows

Screen shot of userscript for Google Analytics increase default rows

If you now go to Google Analytics (in Firefox) and click refresh your Google Analytics will now default to showing 100 rows, fantastic.
Hope you find this helpful and please remember to give thanks to the chaps that have written the scripts.


Internet Marketing Membership Sites

By far the best paid membership site that I have found and used is the Immediate Edge by Dan Raine, with contributions by Ed Dale, Guru Bob and all the gang from The Challenge, previously The Thirty Day Challenge ( 30DC).

The content is quite advanced and if you are really new to Internet Marketing, this site is not for you. There is however included in the site access to The Thirty Day Challenge Plus (30DC+) which follows on from The Challenge so that is not too hard.

The is also the Edge Blue Print program which is a ready made ‘Just Follow the Steps’ course for making Money on the Internet.

Will publish full report shortly.


20 Min Pay Day

I have just watched and bought the 20 minutes a day from Russell Brunson. I try and avoid buying these latest marketing tool, course, e-book, video, software etc but I fell for the sales pitch on this site. Allegedly there are only 250 copies are available (although no doubt we all recognise this ploy) but at $37 for all the videos of previous courses and interviews etc with a 60 day money back guarantee then it is kind of hard to see how I can lose out. Personally I have tried lots of different methods with varying degrees of success so I am still looking for the system/technique/method that is best suited to me.

As the name suggests the method being taught will enable you to make an income by working just 20 minutes a day and he shows video footage of a young married couple that did just that and after 18 months they are earning $100,000 per year just working 20 minutes a day!

Click Here!

I enjoy learning by watching videos (and I think there’s about 25 videos with this) and you always learn something even if you don’t follow the course to the letter.

Not surprisingly after you have omitted yourselves to $37 (and this also includes software is one of the videos) then there follows a series of upsells. The first one is a dollar for a seven-day trial which gives you six products which you can immediately brand and sell complete with all the graphics. After that it is $47 per month and you receive a further I think it’s six products per week. Again for a dollar how can go wrong even if you cancel within the seven days you get to keep the products.

So I am sorry that this is very brief but I just wanted to give you the opportunity to invest in this product by clicking on the link at the top or the bottom of this before the offer of $37 is removed.

I will follow up with a more in-depth review next week after I had a chance to watch some of the videos and try out the methods.

So what are you waiting for just click on the banner below and watch the video for you (it’s about 15 minutes long) and see if you think it’s not worth risking $37.


Review Of Free Backlink Building Tutorial Videos Backlink BattlePlan

Click Here to Buy or go to the Backlink Battleplan Site

Click Here to Buy or go to the Backlink Battleplan Site

On the face of it when you first go to Shane Melaugh website that is promoting his new product Backlink Battleplan it looks like there are four videos to watch. (For some reason the link takes you to video 4 but you can easily click on the right-hand side and go back to video 1 to watch first, recommended)

When you start watching the videos it soon becomes apparent that there is much more than 4 videos and indeed when you follow the links at the bottom of video 3 there is a whole host of further training videos all for free.

Video 1. Article links.

This video is around 10 minutes long and explains and gives you a link to the free software that you can use too submit your articles automatically to multiple valuable article directories at once (this of course excludes Ezine!) Shane then goes on to show you how to customise the software by downloading and installing a file that he provides and fully explains the value of back links and the importance of PR.

After watching the video and installing and customising the software (which is genuinely free) then I was wondering what was in it for Shane as this is a genuinely very useful and worthwhile watching the videos and they are of a high standard and full of relevant content.

Video 2. Web 2.0 Backlinks

Another very informative video that shows you a free way of getting some quality back links from Web 2.0 sites and Shane explains the importance of these. Again this is using all free tools that are available to anyone on the Internet and is genuinely very useful. I must explain at this point that this is not some spamy method but using genuine, and hopefully high-quality and useful content, that you have created and making the most out of it.

We are all aware that when we receive these type of free videos there is going to be a product launch at the end. But I must stress again that if you just watch these videos, take on board some or all of what Shane is teaching then you will have will have learned some high quality tips/techniques and you can watch the videos and download the resources without even putting in an email address (although one is needed for the software from Video 1)

Video 3. The Key.

Video 3 “reveals” the key behind successful Internet marketing or indeed any promotion on the web. I won’t reveal the key but you will not be surprised and as Shane goes on to explain it involves some hard work and that’s just the way it is. The video itself whilst explaining the importance of “the key” you do not gain as much from this video as you will do from videos one and two, although this is the first time that Shane intimates that he is building up to his product launch. However, when you click on the resources below there are two well written and very useful free e-book’s.

The first one is a detailed instruction book on how to use and optimise a WordPress blog. In the video Shane does it an injustice in that he says it is for people that are newbie’s, but in actual fact whilst it starts off with the very basics it continues through to all the options, plug-ins etc and as such is a very useful resource, one that I daresay you would be happy to pay $19 or more for.

The second e-book is a quick start guide to link building and again is very well written and explains the importance of the different elements so that you have a background understanding of back links and why you need to do it and even goes as far as some link wheel building . There are lots of useful links throughout the book (if you are reading on screen) to the various free resources available and indeed to further free training.

In addition there is then to short videos showing you how to use various free plug-ins etc and to explain further and help you with your back link strategy. Again these videos are of high quality and lots of genuinely useful information.

Unbelievably there is then a third link below this video. On this page are a further five groups of videos all giving detailed information on “the key” along with further e-book’s and a very useful process map. Again at this point to Shane has, I think stunned is not too strong a word, me with the amount of tuition and resources that is giving away as part of his launch (which he has not got too yet). Please do not be fooled into thinking that because these resources are free that they are of little value or quality (they can be watched online or downloaded), as this is simply not the case. The information and quality rivals that of the 30 day challenge (now just the challenge) in the quality of the videos and information delivered as part of the free training. I look forward to video 4 which I think is going to be the last video.

Video 4. Backlink Battleplan

As you might expect the last video is the sales pitch. Shane emphasises that this is a no hype sales pitch and it reasonably well lives up to that. Because I have so much on at the moment I had no intention of buying this product, but after listening to his sales pitch and seeing the price, and the inevitable “Early Bird” offer I was very tempted. I have resisted and not because I feel that this product is in any way not worth the special offer price or indeed the full price.


This review is purely of the free videos available on this site and so I cannot comment on the actual product being sold. These videos and resources are well worth watching and downloading, all are of high quality and contain valuable information and links to free resources. If this is your first foray into Internet marketing then I would suggest that this product would be a good buy, Shane in his sales pitch does highlight most of the competing  products fall down and emphasises that this is a step by step approach to Internet marketing, using the free tools that are available, some of which we have already been introduced to, and emphasises that this is no get rich quick scheme but a genuine way to start out and grow a profitable Internet business or a way to promote on the Internet non-profit-making organisations/activities.

I hope you find this review useful you can find more and some links on the website in the signature address.

The link below takes you to the site where you can watch and save the videos and resources and buy the Backlink Battleplan. When I tested the link and went to video 4 although you can just click on the right-hand side to get to video one, or you could just watch the video and go the whole hog and buy the product. If you act before 12 August then you will get the opening special offer that have to the price doubles although on the evidence of the free videos and resources and the sales pitch I would think it is well worth the money.

Backlink Battle Plan Logo

Click here to go directly to the site to see the Videos


Windows Movie Maker Verses Aminoto

We are all told these days that the future for Internet Marketeers is the use of video, with YouTube in particular becoming more and more important. Apparently a vast number of people use Youtube when searching for general items such as “dog training in San Francisco”, where in the past they would have used a normal search in Google. In addition to this Google is also serving up video results quite high on the first page of their search results.
The figures being quoted vary but it is safe to assume that the volume of searches within YouTube and general video results being served by Google is now a significant portion and set to increase rapidly as the availability of high speed internet increases .
If you are setting out in Internet Marketing and you are looking for a free movie maker because you are on a tight budget or if you just want to download a free moviemaker for your own videos then where do you go?
I receive loads of e-mails from established Internet Marketeers singing the praises of Aminoto and the are free version. This free version is limited to 2 minutes which is not very long at all. I personally have found Aminoto difficult to use even though the instructional videos that are available on the site are quite good. I appreciate that Internet Marketeers will be keen to promote this free movie maker for windows as they can include a affiliate link (for the paid upgrade) and some people will no doubt take the paid version, either at time of sign up or in the future.
As I was not happy with the less than intuitive software and limitation of two minutes I looked around for something else. After quite some searching, what I found was Windows Live Movie Maker.
To my surprise and pleasure I’ve found that this free software provided by Microsoft which is windows based,  does everything that I wanted, including adding a soundtrack from a large variety of royalty free music that Microsoft provide and had no time limits on the length of video.
I also found it much more intuitive to use. I understand that people are not interested in promoting it as there is no way of making any money from it, and let’s be honest Microsoft is not everybody’s favourite software company. But credit where credit is due it is a great free product with no time limitations that will meet most people’s requirements for a free moviemaker and in line with all of Microsoft’s products and in particular their online software it is being constantly developed and improved.
I am surprised that Microsoft don’t promote it more and I only came across it by chance in a magazine, and when I could not remember the name I couldn’t find it doing a Google search for windows movie maker download, etc
So a conclusion is that anybody wanting a free moviemaker should at least try Windows movie maker first.


Review of “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini

I came across this book as it was mentioned in passing by a couple of Internet marketeers that I respect, and they were suggesting that it was a must read. Anyone involved in sales already will have come across this book as it is a seminal work and quoted and copied in sales training. Influence the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini.
I read the book whilst on holiday and I was amazed at the content. These days we all receive e-mail promotions and we are tempted by a lot of them. Some marketeers will tell you that you should save a copy of the e-mail is that tempt you in a swipe file for future reference so that you can emulate the tactics used. Whilst this is a good idea, if you are like me, with no formal sales or marketing training, then you may not notice what tactics they are using and that’s where “Influence the psychology of persuasion” comes into it’s own.
In the book Robert Cialdini goes through each and every tactic on a chapter by chapter basis with research which he or others has carried out on the tactic, how to recognise it, and how to resist it if you are just being manipulated.
The book absolutely fascinated me and one to be kept on your bookshelf and referred to and re-read on a regular basis. From the book you will gain an insight into how do the marketeers are working you’ll recognise their tactics and that alone is a bit of an eye-opener, and then you will be able to apply some of the techniques in your own marketing.
For you personally you will learn how to recognise the tactics being used or new and therefore be able to eliminate the tactic to see if the underlying offer is one that is going to be of benefit to you or if you are just being “brainwashed”.
When you read books like this, and Robert T. Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad is another example, you wonder why on earth is this type of fundamental education is not being taught in schools. So as a marketeer this book is a must and as a responsible parent again it’s a must

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money-That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!



Hypnosis is described very basically as an altered state of awareness. It is a trance like state which is usually artificially induced. It can make the mind very relaxed and more receptive to suggestion, direction and heightened awareness and until reading up on this subject I was totally unaware of its history. There have been many myths associated with hypnotism. This has made people quite fearful and even talking within my own group of friends people are very wary of it. Hopefully I will be able to alleviate their fears and scepticism.

Hypnosis has been used right from Ancient times and today is more widely accepted but some people do still think of it as a taboo subject and something evil. Characters portrayed in films all appear to have a sinister look about them. Hypnotism is also given a bad press by the stage hypnotists who make people do things to mock themselves and make their subject look ridiculous. Even in my own short experience people are very wary they think that I will be making them perform silly actions like the stage hypnotists. Even some tough people are very wary of hypnosis it is now a widely used tool for all kind of treatments and therapies.

Hypnotherapy can be applied for various different issues that people may have, for example hypnosis for weight loss, hypnotherapy stop smoking and hypnotherapy courses, or even just for relaxation.

Hypnotherapy courses have been widely used in the field of sport, to aid struggling sportsmen to have a more positive attitude. Tiger Woods, the golfer used hypnosis at a young age to further his career. He was taught to visualise his target. Frank Bruno, the boxer also used it to help his performance as did Steve Collins, another boxer, who used it in his preparation to defeat Chris Eubank.

Hypnosis though can be used by anybody. A recent newspaper article describes a woman who had suffered from insomnia. She had tried all the usual remedies even going to her GP for prescription sleeping pills, which worked until she stopped taking them. She had tentatively suggested hypnotherapy to her GP but he quickly dismissed it. She tried it with fantastic results after only two sessions. Some doctors are willing to recommend it to their patients as long as there is not some underlying depression. They do always emphasise that it does not work for everyone, but is that not the same for every form of treatment?

As discussed, hypnotherapy has been around for many years and has a varied and interesting history. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be used as a powerful tool for those of us who struggle with traditional methods. Even though there are sceptics it has been proven to be an extremely useful tool. The British Society of Medical Hypnotists was found and hypnotherapy is now becoming more recognised all over the world. In today’s modern stressful society I think that hypnotherapy will become extremely popular as a tool to help people to cope with their lives. In doing so, hopefully it will allay people’s fear


Review Blogging Espionage. Money Making Blog

I have today and pleasure of purchasing reviewing Blogging Espionageby Rob 
The team makes great claims that you will not have read about this “slightly grey hat” method from anyone else, or if you have, you get a full refund plus $100, and further guarantees that if you apply the strategy and not made $1,000 within 7 days then again a refund of the cost plus $100 is coming to you.

Well it got me hooked and at $37 what have I got to loose. The sales pages says it is limited to 300 copies and I wondered, if this stuff is so good then why limit it to 300 and why sell at a low price?

Most of the information and techniques are covered in Blogging to the Bank 2010 and in greater detail in the 6 Figure Blogging Club by the same team, so not much new for me. What it does is set the process out in a slightly different order to Blogging to the Bank so that this method alone and be applied to create a quick income.

The team go through it in reasonable detail and I would expect most people to be able to follow it through. Like all methods the devil is in the detail and finding the right Keywords and Domain Name, at an affordable cost, will take some time. All the relevant links to the resources you need are there so there is nothing hidden to stop you progressing.

I did think it looked like the team where rushed at the end of the 40 page e-book and skimped a little there.

So is the method taught unique as the claim and not being taught by others? Yes I guess that is a reasonable claim, unless you count the other publication by Rob Benwell.
Is it Grey hat? I don’t think so. There are a couple of things that you might raise a slight eyebrow, but not really.

Can you make $1,000 in the week using Blogging Espionage as a money making blog or system? Well I’m not sure. Yes you can make money using the system, Yes it will take some hard work. Rob claims that you can start making money same day, and I doubt that.

So the ultimate test is that I will start applying the system tomorrow and monitor the results and let you know.

If the offer has closed and you wanted the course just sign up for Blogging to the Bank 2010 and concentrate on selling advertising. Benwell from Blogging To The Bank fame. So is this another scheme for making money with Blogs?? Is it any good?

Click Here to buy