Secockpit now launched

Secockpit is now is now launched and we can see the pricing structure. As we expected this is on a continuity basis i.e. you make a monthly payment. At the moment this is discounted to $77 per month from the regular price which will be $97 per month.

As well and is getting all the keyword research software the payment includes access to SEO moz information (via the software) which is what the software uses. There is also a discounted price for paying for six months in advance which is $297. Is the software worth this subscription I hear you ask!

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Review of SEcockpit video 3

I have now had the opportunity to review video number 3 by Shane Melaugh in his pre-launch series for SEcockpit, this time the video is all about Google’s Panda update and is 18 mins long.

Keyword Research Evolved

As ever Shane’s video is very informative and it is well worth watching for the information that it contains, even if you have no intention of purchasing the product. In this video Shane goes through the reasons why you or any Marketer or Internet Marketer should not be overly concerned by this latest Google update.

Click here to get free access and the downloadable e-book. Secockpit.

In essence Google are just further refining their algorithms (as they do several times a year) to improve the search results and user experience. Anyone producing sites that are genuinely of good quality and contain lots of relevant content will still rank well. People who produce “sniper sites”, sites that just have duplicated content on, auto blogs, spam links for promotion etc, will find that their sites have dropped down the rankings, and deservedly so.

Shane comes up with some suggestions of the actions that you should take to improve your site and rankings, and probably more importantly, traffic. These basically boil down to producing good original relevant content that your market will find useful. I will not spoil the video for you by giving you Shane is checklist of what you should do. The list is not revolutionary or surprising but acts as a good foundational checklist for anyone developing websites and using the checklist to review your sites, would be a good idea.

One of the ideas that Shane suggests, that is more relevant now than perhaps it was before the Panda update, is that you are better spending your time producing and developing larger sites (rather than lots of micro-niche sites) and optimising that site accordingly. Each page should have a specific function and be targeted at a specific keyword or key phrase. This is again fairly obvious but you only have to take a casual view, of sites you visit, to notice that they are often quite confusing as to what keyword, or indeed the purpose, of each page is (from a marketers pointed view that is, i.e. what action does the website owner want you to take). So the old adage holds good, one page one function, and therefore one keyword or keyword phrase.

I recommend that you go and watch the video by signing up in the link below, there is no sales pitch in this 18 min long video and it just contains solid advice that we would all do well to take.





Link again Secockpit.


Review of SECOCKPIT by Shane Melaugh

Hi, you may have seen recently seen the pre launch videos by Shane Melaugh promoting his new product SECOCKPIT and wondered what it is all about.

Well let me start with who is Shane Melaugh. He is a Internet Marketer from Switzerland. He is very well respected within the Internet Marketing community for high quality products and very useful videos. This pre launch is no different and the promotional videos are very good and explain the basics of SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) and are well worth watching if you require some training in this area. In particular his detailed explanation and examples of the differences between, Broad, Phase and Exact match is keyword research excellent.

I have had the opportunity to view the video by Shane for the promoters of his new launch, which gives me an overview of the product itself. The product looks very good and with a graphical interface will be of interest to a lot of potential users. The product is basically a competitor to Market Samurai in completing your keyword research for marketing purposes.

At present Market Samurai is by far the market leader and with a one off relatively low payment of $149.00 it represents fantastic value. I do not yet know what the price of SE Cockpit will be and whether it will be a monthly payment (IE a continuity program).

What are differences between market Samurai and SECOCKPIT? The first noticeable difference is that SECOCKPIT is cloud-based and Shane therefore advises that it is much faster, indeed I think he’s is claiming 40 times faster than Market Samurai, which is desktop-based, ie you download software onto your own computer.

This speed claim depends upon what element of the keyword research are trying to do. With SECOCKPIT you can click on any of the keywords (up to 800) that it returns and it will instantly give you the top 10 competing sites immediately. To do this in Market Samurai you click each of the keywords you are interested in and then click on the SEO competition tab, and it can take a minute or 2 to return results depending on Internet speed.

The other main difference is that SE Cockpit is more a graphical interface than Market Samurai. Obviously this is a matter of personal choice. Market Samurai appears to return more information relating to each keyword in its initial search.

Which is better? Well I have reserve judgement until I have seen pricing. I personally use Market Samurai which, I have always said is fantastic, and the boys at Noble Samurai are forever improving and upgrading the software. As a paid-up user of Market Samurai I could not really see any reason to buy another product as it’s possible advantages seem marginal.

Market Samurai includes great training videos on the product (and internet Marketing in General, Anthony who produces them has a PhD in education and it shows) and is now well and truly tried and tested. Shane appears to include a comprehensive list of training video’s within his product which could well match quality of Market Samurai’s videos because as I said in the opening paragraph does produce some good training videos.

So it could or down to price and whether you already own a copy of Market Samurai. I will let you know after the launch and pricing is known, but taking on Market Samurai is a brave move or perhaps the going market is big enough for both. Competition is always good and I expect Noble Samurai will quickly address and area’s that they are criticised on and add extra features to remain the Market Leader. The competition will be great for us end users!

PS, click on the Market Samurai icon below to get a free trial.


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Review of Video 2 SE Cockpit and Free Trial of Market Samurai

Hopefully you will have seen video number two in the prelaunch sequence by Shane Melaugh for SE Cockpit.

Shane comments on some of the teaching that is out there on how you identify an appropriate keyword for your Internet marketing project. Shane goes through why some of this teaching is wrong and he gives a excellent explanation of the difference between broad, phrase and exact match. His explanation here is better than I have seen anybody else do, and buy a good margin so it is worth signing up just for that if you are confused.

I don’t quite agree with his conclusion that the broad and phrase much results are irrelevant, but I will let you draw your own conclusion.

I am sure you will recall recommending and telling you that I use Market Samurai on a daily basis for my keyword research and this overcomes the shortfalls of the traditional teaching that Shane is referring to as well as going several steps further forward ( a good few actually and the training video’s are brilliant and very informative generally as well as with the use of Market Samurai)

Market Samurai is available from Noble Samurai and is a one-time cost of $149 although they are saying the price is going up. If you use this link you will get a free trial and locked in to this price. It is well worth taking the trial if just to watch the training video’s.





PS. Make sure you enjoy these free resources while they are still available.

Link reminders Market Samurai Free Trial

SE Cockpit free video’s

Try Market Samurai now for free!

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SEO Cockpit

Review of  Pre Launch SEO Cockpit by Shane Melaugh

I have today reviewed the pre launch site by Shane Melaugh the Internet Marketer from Switzerland. For those people who are not familiar with Shane’s work he is a straight talking guy and whilst, by his own admission, he is putting out the information as part of the launch for his new product, he also gives away lots of straight talking good sound advice.

The first video is now on the site which is 12min long and is full of basic principles about SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) and whilst it is basic information it all sound stuff that we should all know and practice.

On the site,( in exchange for your e-mail address), Sean is giving away a 18 page PDF called “Rich Content Optimisation”. This is again very sound, if basic, principles of some on-site optimisation . It is aimed at people using WordPress and indeed Shane is promoting the use of WordPress as a basis for setting up your optimised website. There are some links to essential plug-ins to optimise the site both in a) Google’s eyes and b) there are tips on optimising the site for human eyes.

Keyword Research Evolved

The upcoming videos promise to cover (at the time of writing these are not yet available)

  • keyword research
  • get top ranking
  • SEO skill set
  • Panda

I would recommend anyone new to Internet Marketing, or anyone confused about the basics (the foundations for setting up an optimised website) to take a look at the video currently on the website at Swissmademarketing or you can find a link at the end of this review, and download the free PDF to get a basic and sound understanding of how you should go about optimising your website for Google bots, so that your site is found (therefore you get “free” traffic) and then also for human eyes so that your site forms whatever objective you have put it up there for, be that sales leads, sales, marketing list etc

I will comment further when the rest of the videos have been published, but if they are anything like Shane’s previous promotions and videos then they will be well worth watching for the free tuition.

As ever, when Shane completes his launch and we find out exactly what the product is and the price, then you will need to decide whether or not it is for you. I will do a review as soon as I get the release.


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WordPress Help

Are you interested in doing your own wordpress installations and managing your own blogs? Well I am but have found that I largely could not find a great deal of help or at least good training.

If I have a problem I can go onto the Warrior Forum and ask a question, or go on Digital Point forum were there is a Word Press section. (free to sign up).

I had thought that you need to sign up for a good paid for premium Theme to get that sort of help and training.

Well today I had one of my sites Hi Jacked for the second time. The first time I deleted the WordPress Installation and started again some weeks later  (fortunately there was little on the site so not too much hassle).

By Hi Jacked I mean that the landing page changed from mine to You could still access the wp-admin etc but somehow the home page was getting redirected. Nothing obvious in WP installation or the Name Servers etc. So I went in search of help and I came across which has loads of great training for all levels of wordpress users and in particular which gives you all sorts of advice on security measures.

I have now installed an antivirus plugin from which sorted out the problem and I will be using on all future installations.

So go and take a look at wpbeginner if you are into playing with wordpress and make sure you install the antivirus plugin evertime.


Warrior Forum

Just a quick note for people who have not heard about or used the Warrior Forum.

This is probably the largest Internet Marketing Forum out there with loads of helpful members, special offers etc. But beware! Like all forums, you can loose an awfully lot of time by hanging out there.

So great free resource and one that I happily recommend. There is a free membership which enables you to see allot of the site and definitely the place to start. You will be amazed at the number of people visiting at any one time. So go and sign yourself up for a free account. Do look at the rules through because they will ban you if you start spaming, affiliate links etc.

Warrior Forum.



High Street Collapses!

Why you should be Internet Marketing, What is happening to the high Street chains?

As we are all aware the Internet is at a growing phenomenal rate and if we look around our high streets what is apparent is that a significant number of household names are going or have gone into liquidation with potentially the rest of them fighting for survival.

May be it’s about the overheads, business rates, public liability insurance, staff wages etc the high Street cannot compete, even to the point where purpose-built out of town shopping malls are crucifying them.

Or is it the likes of Amazon and Google who are one of the causes of the downturn of economic growth in the Western world in traditional retail shopping.

Whilst a large proportion of the population would probably acknowledge that we are still in recession contrary to what the “alleged experts” would have us believe people are just not spending, together with the banks who have practically “shut up shop!”

What a mess, however what is bucking the trend is the rise of sales on the Internet whether this is simply buying car insurance, holidays or groceries everything is available at the click of a button the convenience and the ability to price check from the comfort of your own home whilst drinking a cold beer or glass of wine is certainly preferably than walking the streets, parking the car using public transport.

You only have to go back a few years when Amazon started selling books, what this has done for the book market worldwide, here in the UK Borders has vanished and most recently Waterstones have announced that they are being sold to a Russian billionaire, I guess in hindsight this is what happened to the music industry with vinyl (records) and latterly CDs most people now purchase their music via iTunes.

It is also reported that huge businesses such as Comet, Currys and PC World are facing huge losses when it is so easy to Google whatever you wish whether that may be a TV, washer or any electrical item. Most of these websites have reviews on specific goods so therefore do you really need to go down to the shopping mall. The facility to purchase on-line take delivery of the product and even return it if it doesn’t meet your criteria, how can the high street remain competitive.

Perhaps time is another major factor in why the majority of the Western world are buying more and more on the Internet. Surveys indicate that Britain has the highest proportion of families in which two people work, therefore the ability to purchase whatever goods we need from our PC, is a huge benefit on what is possible our greatest asset ie: time.

Therefore it may be argued that Google and Amazon are providing the service which the modern world have asked for but we need to be conscious that the larger they become the less choice we shall have on price and product. Again look back at how the supermarkets have more or less crushed the independent retailers, whether this is simply groceries or clothing, the same will happen with the internet. They seek total domination within their niche this is what their ideal goal is.

Even to the point, if you observe closely, you will find that the above companies have moved into different niches to supply everything you could ever wish to purchase. Again if we look to the United States we just seem to follow their trends. The supermarkets are cash-rich and as such they even offer credit cards and banking facilities.

So that is why all the high streets seems to be full of charity shops, one pound shops, etc because this is what we as its customers are looking for, we want the flexibility to shop at Amazon, Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado, which brings the discount prices, but do we want to be able to walk down our high street to find niche retailers selling our favourite products where we can feel, touch and smell. Perhaps the Internet has already changed the way we buy products and the way we live our lives.


Introducing Dropbox for sharing working documents.

Hi, not sure how many people are using Dropbox at the moment or are familiar with what it can do, although I have noticed a few articles on ezine etc.

Basically Dropbox is a free online storage system or storage in “cloud” as some people refer to it. It works great as a free personal backup between with between 2 and 8 gigabytes of free storage (if you require more there is a paid upgrade).

How it works is that it creates a folder on your hard drive that works the same as any other folder and you access it in the same way through Windows Explorer or through the usual and open and save as commands etc. The documents files and folders then exist on your hard drive and also somewhere up in the cloud. When you install Dropbox on a second or third computer and log into your account it then synchronises that folder and all the documents folders etc will then be copied onto your computer. When you alter a copy on one computer it automatically updates in the cloud and then on your other computer when you next use it. Very nifty and I would not like to be without it now.

I started using it as a personal storage so I could access the files I was working on in the office when I was working at home (or indeed there is a iPhone and Android app as well so you can access from the phone). I have now gone beyond that and started using the sharing facilities for business and outsourcing.

Basically you create a file for a project or company, then send invites to Dropbox users who you want to have access to the files and when they accept you all have access to the same files. Any member of the team can access files ,use save, them alter or update them and everyone has access to the latest edition. It works especially well for files that are too big to e-mail and where members of the team want the latest information. I used a similar system a couple of years ago when working for a large contractor and thought it was good then but that was a private server that they had set up and was beyond the reach of the rest of us mere mortals!

With Dropbox this facility is now available to all. I am currently working on some large projects and when I receive instructions, calculations, photographs, website designs etc I can upload them into the relevant Dropbox folder and near enough instantly all the members of the team have access.

You can of course have different folders for each project and assign access to different people as appropriate. When the project is completed you can then take out of your Dropbox, if you need the space, and save on your hard drive.
Hope you find that useful. If you did and you would like a Dropbox account please click here and you will get a free account.


How to use WordPress Videos

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