The Hard work of Making Money on the Internet

Internet marketeers, do you want a barrel on local market or a high-street superstores?
This is a question for all people who are starting or trying to start their careers as Internet marketeers whether that be by blogging, websites, affiliate promotions, Google ads, Facebook, twitter etc. Using the example from the off-line world as you are starting out what you want to do you want to start with a barrel on the local market or markets stall or do you want a high street superstore with all the staff etc and great shop front and repetition?

There is a great temptation in Internet marketing to keep buying the latest and “greatest” Internet marketing course, e-book, system etc. We’ve all been there, we’ve all got tempted, and if the marketeer is any good you have our wallets twitching and our credit cards quivering! But the truth of the matter is that sufficient information is available for free or very low cost on starting Internet marketing which is sufficient to get you going providing you’re prepared to put the work in.

It’s very tempting to think that the next system is better than the last and that you are going to make money overnight with little effort and little learning. The truth of the matter as I’m sure you have been told before and you already know is it’s just not wouldn’t happen when an Internet business or any other. People who have achieved success of all done so through their hard work, failures (yes they’ve all had failures, take a look at Mike Filsaime story or Ed Dale’s if you think otherwise).

Internet marketing is no different to traditional marketing, the clue there is in the name! And therefore we can look to traditional businesses to learn from and use their models forum education and business. If we look at Marks & Spencer’s I started as a penny stall on the local market and through hard work and steady reinvestment grew their business to what it is today. The second example that I can think of as they’ve recently gone out of business is Woolworths again they started on the market only this time it was a 6d (that’s all pense for young uns!).

So for your Internet marketing business don’t look towards all the successful high-profile Internet marketeers and tried to emulate their business and success straightaway, but start at the very beginning starts with simple blogs or simple websites and work gradually to make your first dollar online and then ramp business up from their as you find out for yourself what works and what doesn’t, start with the “Barrow” all the handcart and gradually work yourself up to the main street. Get one of the free Internet marketing courses (and by the way the ink to let marketing gurus teach that you should give away your best information so don’t undervalue the free information that is out there) or a low-cost blogging course under $50 and follow every step and work it through to you start making $1.

“Wealth from the get rich quick schemes disappears: Wealth from hard work grows over time”. Proverbs 13:11

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