Problem Solved! Solution to Google Analytics “not found” (or how to maximise your marketing)

As some of you will know I am a big fan of the products by Swiss Made Marketing. These are
certainly not the cheapest tools on the market but they are probably the best.

I have previously reviewed SEcockpit which is a competitor to tools like Market Samurai for keyword research (and for those that have missed my review there is a quick summary
below or you can head over to the block where you will find my in-depth.

The reason for writing this e-mail is that Swiss Made Marketing are about to launch a new product called Traffic Analysis which will overcome the problem that the change to the Google reporting brought about in that they do not provide the keyword in Google analytics “not provided” if the person doing the research was logged into Google at the time. Depending on your niche the resulting loss of keywords can be from 20% to 90% “not provided”!

The new tool from Swiss Made Marketing is aimed at overcoming this problem. There are two seminars to launch the
product on the 24th on 30 October at 2 PM Eastern (7pm BST) and 4 PM (and I think!!! 9pm GMT (think EST alters at same time) Eastern respectively.

I would recommend that you go to their site for Traffic Analysis and register your interest in
attending one of the webinars because, as well as the inevitable sales pitch at the end, the training will be very informative and well worth watching just
gain that teaching and knowledge.

As ever with these things places are limited so I would recommend that you had over there now and register your interest (I am sending this e-mail out as
soon as I will have been notified of the date to give you the best possible opportunity of getting on the webinar)

Click Here to register

As promised below is a quick review of SE cockpit and a comparison with Market Samurai.

Market Samurai
is probably the market leader and is indeed a very good product and for those of us doing any degree of keyword and niche research. It can save a huge
amount of time particularly when you go into the competition analysis section. Indeed Market Samurai is all that most of us will need.

Where SE cockpit comes into its own is when you are doing a large amount of keyword and competition
analysis. In Market Samurai you need to request the competition for each keyword you are considering , then it brings up the top 10 results with all the
competitive analysis that you would require. This can be quite time-consuming if you are analysing more than a few keywords.

SE cockpit does the competition analysis as you are doing the keyword research and does it via its servers so you get all the competition analysis more or
less instantly and as I say if you’re doing a lot of keyword analysis it will save you a huge amount of time.

Which tool is right for you obviously depends upon your budget and the amount of keyword research that you are doing.

SE cockpit
is $99 per month and Market Samurai is a one-off cost of $ 149.00 (free trial available via this link!)

Link reminders Market Samurai Free Trial

SE Cockpit free video’s

Try Market Samurai now for free!

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