A Review: WP Viral Payments

WPViralPaymentsWhile we’re on the topic of kickass WordPress plugins that make your life easier, let’s talk about another one: WP Viral Payments from Rob Cornish. In case you were wondering, yes, this is one of those plugins that would make you go, “Wow!”


What is WP Viral Payments?

Like the Thrive Content Builder, WP Viral Payments is a plugin that’s designed to make creating pages easier. In this case, however, the focus is the order page. Normally, you can do this through various other plugins.

WP Viral Payments, a WordPress plugin from Rob Cornish But what if you wanted to integrate upsells? Or list-building? What if you want to generate social media or viral traffic? How would you go about that? Well, you usually the solution goes like this: You try and find a web developer, who will hard code something up for you for a fee. The problem with that arrangement, is that if you ever needed something changed, you will probably have to contact the same developer. You can see where this can get problematic, yes? That’s where WP Viral Payments comes in. It allows you to do several things – upsells, viral marketing, and list-building, among others – in one neat package.

What do you get from this plugin?

To better understand exactly what this plugin can do, let’s break it down into bite-sized chunks.

Payments. As the name suggests, you can easily create a payment or order page with this plugin. It has built-in images, icons, boxes, and other components to let you design a professional-looking page.

One-Click Order Form. This allows you to create an order form. You can use any payment option you like (Paypal, Clickbank, Google Checkout, and others) and you can even add an upsell on there too.

Viral Marketing. Word of mouth, personal referrals, whatever you like to call it, recommendations are always the best way to get the word out about your service or product, so to speak. It can get a little tricky to try and get people to “Like” your page, and it’s much trickier to have them share your content. What WP Viral Payments does is it allows you to reward users who share your content, either with a free gift or a discount. Let’s face it, people will be more encouraged to share something on Facebook if there was an incentive in it for them.

List-Building. Rob Cornish explains this quite effectively in one of the training videos: What if a customer gets right to the end, right before they click OKAY or enter their credit card details, but abandons buying the product at the last minute? The plugin’s list-building feature allows to get their details so you can either follow-up or check back with that customer. This way, you can be sure that no one slips through the cracks. You can do so much more with this plugin, including integrate videos and create discount coupons (for affiliates and such). Did I mention that it’s totally customizable?

The Pros and The Cons

From where I’m sitting, this plugin is a definite must-have. You can:

  • create pages from the ground up;
  • fully customize your payment pages; and
  • integrate Facebook shares, videos, lead generation, and discounts in one page.

It is however, not without its downsides. Unlike Thrive Content Builder, it isn’t as easy as dragging and dropping components. There are a lot of setting up to do – payment gateways, Facebook apps, lead generation, and other stuff. At the end of the day though, if you can get all of those features in one go, would you really mind taking the time to learn the plugin’s many features and setting things up? I didn’t think so.

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