Review of Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews

I have recently reviewed a product called “Commission Cash Code” by Blake Mathews.

This is a product being offered on Clicksure (Clickbank alternate for affiliate promotions) and is very well promoted and I understand selling very well.

I encourage you to go and have a look at the sales videos and see what a great sales pitch he does, but come straight back here before you buy anything!

Commission Cash Code Sale page

You will have noticed as you tried to get out all the offers and steps you have to go through.

I thought it was a great sales pitch, all the sales elements there starting with meeting your desire to make Money on the internet (quickly and easily!!), time limit on accepting the offer, scarcity, money back guarantee etc etc. How can you lose?

Well, the number of up sells is ridiculous! (I turned them all down as I wanted to know what the product was (you’ll notice that gets skipped in the sales pitch!)) that when I finally got to the end, I wish I had not bothered.

But undeterred I logged into the site. Not easy to follow, not sure where to start, watch the one and only training video this was short, poor quality and lacking in any real information.

When I finally got my head round it, it would appear that you insert some code on you Facebook profile and spam your friends with adverts for products (which you chose and so it might not be spam, just to way I see it) and when they visit the site the codes tell all their mates and spams them etc.

You may have guessed that I was not impressed. Facebook, for me is private and I will not be using it to sell to my friends. If however you are into marketing via Facebook (false profile perhaps?) then perhaps it could be for you. Be prepared for all the upsells and the 3 or 4 times daily that Blake sends you emails with more sales pitchs.

Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews

Next month, Google Sniper 2 by George Brown is doing the rounds again.

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