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I have today and pleasure of purchasing reviewing Blogging Espionageby Rob 
The team makes great claims that you will not have read about this “slightly grey hat” method from anyone else, or if you have, you get a full refund plus $100, and further guarantees that if you apply the strategy and not made $1,000 within 7 days then again a refund of the cost plus $100 is coming to you.

Well it got me hooked and at $37 what have I got to loose. The sales pages says it is limited to 300 copies and I wondered, if this stuff is so good then why limit it to 300 and why sell at a low price?

Most of the information and techniques are covered in Blogging to the Bank 2010 and in greater detail in the 6 Figure Blogging Club by the same team, so not much new for me. What it does is set the process out in a slightly different order to Blogging to the Bank so that this method alone and be applied to create a quick income.

The team go through it in reasonable detail and I would expect most people to be able to follow it through. Like all methods the devil is in the detail and finding the right Keywords and Domain Name, at an affordable cost, will take some time. All the relevant links to the resources you need are there so there is nothing hidden to stop you progressing.

I did think it looked like the team where rushed at the end of the 40 page e-book and skimped a little there.

So is the method taught unique as the claim and not being taught by others? Yes I guess that is a reasonable claim, unless you count the other publication by Rob Benwell.
Is it Grey hat? I don’t think so. There are a couple of things that you might raise a slight eyebrow, but not really.

Can you make $1,000 in the week using Blogging Espionage as a money making blog or system? Well I’m not sure. Yes you can make money using the system, Yes it will take some hard work. Rob claims that you can start making money same day, and I doubt that.

So the ultimate test is that I will start applying the system tomorrow and monitor the results and let you know.

If the offer has closed and you wanted the course just sign up for Blogging to the Bank 2010 and concentrate on selling advertising. Benwell from Blogging To The Bank fame. So is this another scheme for making money with Blogs?? Is it any good?

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