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7 of the world the leading Internet Marketers tell you how they got started in business and how they got over their difficulties and how you can do the same and start making money on the Internet NOW!


These phenomenal open, honest and revealing Interviews show you how the 7 overcame their difficulties to establish a full-time income online and give you tips and hints as to how you can do the same. You need to learn from the experts and these are not to be missed.

Originally Posted by Chris_Payne
Well it was a no-brainer for me to buy this WSO.
Not only will you be inspired…
…not only will will you learn some great tips which you can implement right away…
…but you’ll also get an understanding what it takes to be a success online:…. not only do you get the mp3 files, but you also get a pdf containing transcripts of all the interviews. This pdf is beautifully laid out with a ‘pull quote’ (a golden nugget of wisdom) on many of the pages.Bottom line: a great product to invest in right now!

Who is this for?


  • This is for anyone just starting out who looks at all the moneymaking schemes advertised on here and doesn’t know which to buy
  • This is for anyone who has bought lots of the moneymaking schemes on here and not been able to make any of them work (and does not know why, It’s not you but how you have been deceived by cleaver sales pitch)
  • This is for anyone who wants to start a genuine Internet Marketing business that can change their financial future by either adding a few extra $100’s per month to the income or who need to make $5,000 per month to support the lifestyle
  • These are for anyone who has started Internet Marketing had some success and wants to learn from the “gurus” so that they can explode their business.
  • These are for successful Internet Marketers who want to carry on learning growing and helping others.
Originally Posted by saturdaygig
Well, this is my first WSO purchase and I’m really impressed. I haven’t listened through them all yet, but even from just listening to two of them there’s clearly a lot of useful content here. Good VFM.

Who the not for?


  • This is not a business in a box “pushbutton make $5000 per month scheme” that advertise here and just doesn’t work. If that’s what you want I bid you farewell good luck and hope you find what you are looking for (although of course it doesn’t exist believe me)
  • This is not for anyone who is not prepared to work to achieve their goals
  • This is not for anyone who thinks that Internet marketing is unethical and not a proper business or a respectable way of making a living


What will you gain?


  • You will learn by other people’s costly mistakes (rather than learning from your own)
  • You will learn how these successful Internet Marketers overcame the same sort of difficulties that you are incurring to help you to remove those roadblocks from your Internet Marketing career
  • You will learn how one of them was $60,000 in debt on credit cards and how he turned it all around to make that and more each month!
  • You will learn what tools these guys use so that you don’t spend thousands on worthless courses, products, software etc

What’s included

  1. Over 7 hours of quality interviews where we delve down into the pain and the glory of these Internet marketers starting their own businesses. (Martin Avis, Sarah Staar, Rob Cornish, Christine Clayfield, Shane MeLaugh, Dean Holland, Kenny Goodman)
  2. a “beautifully formatted” PDF book that runs to 190 pages which is the transcriptions of these interviews with links to the various resources and this will be continually updated
  3. You will get new interviews every month
  4. EBook on article writing the do’s and don’ts and how to be efficient at it
  5. EBook on how to best work from home (and that can be a mobile home why you are travelling round the world from hotel to hotel!)

Because we want to continue to provide a high quality product these are only available for a limited amount of time so by now to avoid disappointment later.

Originally Posted by markspeed
Very helpful review, Chris. I know some of the people through the London Lunch and you’re right – they’re givers. Advice from these guys is really worth its weight.
And you have absolutely nothing to lose with our Personal money back Guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied. No questions ask.
What are you waiting for! Buy now and start getting ahead

PS. Don’t forget that we will be emailing new interviews on a monthly basis.
PPS. You have nothing to lose with our money back guarantee and a great deal of knowledge to gain. So Buy now!

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