Hi gang

Got a fabulous freebie for you – it’s software that
we have just got ourselves, and the best thing about
it is we’re now giving it away to anyone who wants to
use it because…

…well because it’s bloody useful and should make
a big difference to your email marketing.

So what is it?

If you look at this email you’ll see it’s formatted
to about 60 characters wide and then it wraps the
lines so they don’t get messy

You’ve probably noticed anyone who makes serious
money online wraps their emails to 50, 60 or so
characters per line

There’s a reason for this:

Different email programs display emails in
different ways and by wrapping the lines to a
narrow number of characters (I use 60) it’s more
likely to appear correctly in the multitude of
email software that I send it to…

…and if it’s easier and prettier to read you tend
to make more money from it.

FormatPad makes your emails look like pro
marketer’s emails.

Download it for free here

There ARE currently ways to do this online but most
of them are a bit of a pain or very complicated so
our friends have created ‘FormatPad’…

…which is software especially designed to let you
wrap your emails to custom lengths

It’s already getting downloaded by a LOT of
marketers and they’ve barely publicized it yet

There’s a free copy which is fully functional that
you can get at the link below, so you can try it

Download it for free here

…and if you like it, the ‘Pro’ version which
includes lifetime support, updates, no nag screen
and spell checker…

…will set you back just $4.99 (this is just to
cover costs)

Check it out and see what you think

Download it for free here

Let me know what you think….

Best wishes


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