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CPA Networks

The Big Boys

These are the top dogs. Only approach these after you have got some experience from the others unless you already have a particularly large list or relevant website with a very high number of daily unique visitors.

•        Copeac

  • Hydra

The middle of the road gang.

These are great ones to kick off with other they will be looking for some experience of Internet marketing in general from you if not specific CPA campaigns. At the end of the day you don’t want to be seen as a time waster and so be honest with them when you’re talking “face-to-face” because you may well need some assistance from them and if you have bragged your way in then you going to look a fool when you ask for basic help. At the end of the day they are looking to do the best for their clients i.e. the advertisers and so if you come across as a genuine sort of person who is determined to make a go of it and they are likely to give you a chance.


•        Clickbooth

•        CPAtrend

•        CPA Underground

•        Convert2Media

•        MarketLeverage

•        Maxbounty

•        Modern Click

•        NeverBlue

•        Qwik Media

For a full list of the CPA companies just go to offer vault and you will find that they are all on there, look for the offer/offers that you are interested in and then apply to that network. As I’ve highlighted previously you can’t go far wrong with CPAtrend

Other Affiliate Networks

if you are a bit of a coward and do not fancy going through the application progress where you may be “cross-examined” then the following affiliate networks are largely just fill out a form online your automatically in. You can then promote their affiliate offers which may not be CPA but after you got some experience you will then be more confident to apply to any of the ones in the above.

•        Commission Junction

•        Clickbank

•        Share-a-Sale

•        LinkShare

•        Trade Doubler



Rent a coder

Script Lance



If you already know how to edit and host your own website and need hosting then we can recommend Hostgator for hosting in the USA and D9 for both UK and USA hosting. We have used both the services and found them to be very good. Hostgator is a large company but if you have any difficulties they have a live chat support system that can quickly resolve your problems, D9 is a much smaller company and the support is quite often handled by the owners and again very good service and a little bit more personalised from D9.

Generally useful

If you need or would like information about SEO or just generally how to go about setting up websites, getting links, market research then we recommend The Challenge which is a free resource and the course is taught in a series of videos. Very professionally done and whilst it is only the start of your general Internet marketing education it will enable you to understand the process even if you are going to outsource the different steps.

If you like what you see in the challenge and are serious about Internet Marketing in one form or another as the way forward for you then there is no better resource than The Immediate Edge which is run by Dan Raine, Ed Dale and lots of other industry experts. There is all the resources you could possibly need although finding your way round can be a little daunting and it is not aimed at complete Newby’s people who have some basic experience. The membership is currently $99 per month although they keep threatening to increase this to $149 per month on whilst this sounds expensive there is a huge amount of content in there for serious Marketeers. Normally there is a free all one dollar trial available for seven or 14 days or somesuch so that you can see what you’re getting and see if it’s you. The Immediate Edge.

Another useful course is Russell Brunson’s 20 min payday whilst it is nothing like as comprehensive or as cutting edge as the above, you might consider the lower expenditure a good next step.

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