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I have recently purchased and reviewed Commission Shortcut. Watch the Video and you will be intrigued!

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There is a very slick sales pitch and videos of people trying out the method, coming back a week later and (all the ones included) have made money from clickbank!

So how is it done, well quite simply it is by putting your affiliate links in various PLR books and then selling them or distributing them for free, on the hope that someone will click on one of your affiliate links.

Will it work. Yes it will. Not as easy or quick as the video but it will work if you put the effort in. I would suggest that rather than using the ebooks that they supply (over supply on these niches I fear) you find your own PLR books, perhaps on subjects that you are interested in, and then insert affiliate links to appropriate offers on Clickbank, Clicksure, Amazon etc

What will it cost? The course is $47 and then all the upsells. I ignored them all, but that is easier said than done in that a video starts each time you say no and the button to click to proceed does not appear straight away.

After you have brought the product, all the methods and way forward are free, some being a 30 day trial, others just free services. If you worked hard you could have your investment back before the end of the trial, but not guaranteed!

Is it worth it? Yes, sound teaching. Good ideas and the videos are clear and easy to follow, plus you can download them and PDF translations.

Who is it for? Good Question. Good sound knowledge for newbie’s but you may need some assistance in the promotion (although several ways are covered)

If you have some knowledge, tried a few different methods, perhaps completed the Challenge and have some idea of SEO and creating traffic, but not sure which way to go, then this could be for you. 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose really. It is certainly another string to your bow and avoids having all your eggs in one basket.



  • Professional product with good video tuition, and lots of free tools and methods.


  • Requires more work than they suggest (don’t they all!!!)
  • Questionable value of the included PLR books
  • They send you allot of spam after.

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