Beta Tester and Early Bird Discount Offer

Hi, as Michael announced yesterday we shall be launching our first (well first major one at any rate) product and this is called Jumpstart Interview.

JumpStart Interview Logo JumpStart Interview is over 7 hours of interviews with 7 different Internet Marketers who have already “made it”. What we have aimed to achieve in these interviews is find out how they got started and if they were to start all over again how would go about it.

Whilst these interviews are intended to be both informative and entertaining they are also very encouraging in that you can hear how all 7 of them faced difficulties and overcame them one way or another. So you can to.

As we are preparing for our launch on Friday, 24 May at 10.00am EDT (3.00 pm BST for us Brits!). We need some help in our launch with Beta testers to review the product and delivery and also provide some testimonials that we can use in the full sales copy. You will appreciate that these numbers will be limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

We are also offering you an early bird discount and early access.

I am sure that you will be interested in this offer so go to Jumpstart Interview where you will be able to register your interest. Please feel free to invite any of your friends to sign up for the early bird discount, need to have registered before the Launch. (that’s a massive 50% off and of course Free to the Beta testers)

Look forward to hearing from you.


Paul and Michael

PS. If you are interested in getting the Beta copies to review please hurry as these free copies are limited. Jumpstart Interview Beta Testers sign up.

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