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I have just watched and bought the 20 minutes a day from Russell Brunson. I try and avoid buying these latest marketing tool, course, e-book, video, software etc but I fell for the sales pitch on this site. Allegedly there are only 250 copies are available (although no doubt we all recognise this ploy) but at $37 for all the videos of previous courses and interviews etc with a 60 day money back guarantee then it is kind of hard to see how I can lose out. Personally I have tried lots of different methods with varying degrees of success so I am still looking for the system/technique/method that is best suited to me.

As the name suggests the method being taught will enable you to make an income by working just 20 minutes a day and he shows video footage of a young married couple that did just that and after 18 months they are earning $100,000 per year just working 20 minutes a day!

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I enjoy learning by watching videos (and I think there’s about 25 videos with this) and you always learn something even if you don’t follow the course to the letter.

Not surprisingly after you have omitted yourselves to $37 (and this also includes software is one of the videos) then there follows a series of upsells. The first one is a dollar for a seven-day trial which gives you six products which you can immediately brand and sell complete with all the graphics. After that it is $47 per month and you receive a further I think it’s six products per week. Again for a dollar how can go wrong even if you cancel within the seven days you get to keep the products.

So I am sorry that this is very brief but I just wanted to give you the opportunity to invest in this product by clicking on the link at the top or the bottom of this before the offer of $37 is removed.

I will follow up with a more in-depth review next week after I had a chance to watch some of the videos and try out the methods.

So what are you waiting for just click on the banner below and watch the video for you (it’s about 15 minutes long) and see if you think it’s not worth risking $37.

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