Review of Video 2 SE Cockpit and Free Trial of Market Samurai

Hopefully you will have seen video number two in the prelaunch sequence by Shane Melaugh for SE Cockpit.

Shane comments on some of the teaching that is out there on how you identify an appropriate keyword for your Internet marketing project. Shane goes through why some of this teaching is wrong and he gives a excellent explanation of the difference between broad, phrase and exact match. His explanation here is better than I have seen anybody else do, and buy a good margin so it is worth signing up just for that if you are confused.

I don’t quite agree with his conclusion that the broad and phrase much results are irrelevant, but I will let you draw your own conclusion.

I am sure you will recall recommending and telling you that I use Market Samurai on a daily basis for my keyword research and this overcomes the shortfalls of the traditional teaching that Shane is referring to as well as going several steps further forward ( a good few actually and the training video’s are brilliant and very informative generally as well as with the use of Market Samurai)

Market Samurai is available from Noble Samurai and is a one-time cost of $149 although they are saying the price is going up. If you use this link you will get a free trial and locked in to this price. It is well worth taking the trial if just to watch the training video’s.





PS. Make sure you enjoy these free resources while they are still available.

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